Yoga is for everybody, well, not everybody, but if you want to, you should get to enjoy it. That is why the New Zealand School of Yoga is inviting all of you to a grand event this coming 2020.

Yoga and the Young

Events Yoga for Kids and Teens Yoga and the Young - Events: Yoga for Kids and Teens

To enrich and better practice the discipline of yoga, we believe, people of all ages should immerse themselves. That is why we are staging a week-long yoga session for children and teenagers ages 7 to 19.

We are hopeful that these kids will develop passion and respect for the discipline that has improved the lives of millions of people all over the globe.

Sign-Up Today

Events Yoga for Kids and Teens What we’ll cover - Events: Yoga for Kids and Teens

Parents, guardians, or the young people themselves can sign-up. There is no sign-up fee for this as it will be sponsored by the NZ School of Yoga and our many sponsors.

There will be limited slots, but we are hoping to expand the designated area to accommodate more people. As of the moment we are expecting 300 to 400 participants to be divided into 8 to 10 groups.

We’ve already got quite the line-up of yoga teachers ready to impart their knowledge to the younger generation. All yoga mats will also be provided by us so all you have to do is arrive at the venue.

What we’ll cover

Events Yoga for Kids and Teens Sign Up Today - Events: Yoga for Kids and Teens

The session will mostly cover the basics as well as a little bit of education about the origin of yoga. We are truly hoping for a great event as we are planning on doing this kind of activity again and again in the coming years.

For more information, contact us today.